Hill’s Family Potatoes

Hill’s Family Potatoes

We are delighted to introduce “Hill’s Family” Potatoes as our July “producer”.


We were delighted to meet Jack and Barbara Hill, along with their sons John, Todd and Warwick. A potato farming family located in “Wildes meadow” set within the enchanting Southern highlands. Our pursuit for local quality delivered 6 types of spuds, as a result of this hard working family. This commitment to quality spans 3 generations, all working side by side and marching to the same tune. That is……….Quality! The shed operates like a well-oiled machine, it is busy however very tidy and organised. We marvelled at the conveyor belt sizing Kipfler potatoes and Dutch creams filling hessian bags. Our minds constantly ticking over and creating mouth-watering recipes for these little beauties! What is evident is the passion that is shared by the entire family. What is clear is that they are all focused on delivering quality. The potatoes are delicious and creamy, a result of rich soils and ideal climatic conditions.

We enjoyed cooking with the Dutch cream potatoes, and found that it was the perfect spud to make a seriously great mash! Our Osso Bucco and mash recipe really showcases the velvety texture of this creamy potato, elevating the dish to something special. Each potato variety has its own characteristics and therefore use. The Hill family potatoes are available at Southern highlands fresh. This is not about re-inventing the wheel, but rather remaining true and committed to producing a world class ingredient!


Producer Details

Hills Potatoes Wildes Meadow

Sold at:

Anchors Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Bowral

Address: 1 Station St Bowral



Hills Potatoes Featured Recipe – Osso Bucco