Kipfler potato W/ Creme fraiche & Caviar

Kipfler potato W/ Creme fraiche & Caviar

Kipfler potato W/ Crème fraiche & Caviar




6 Kipfler Potatoes halved & steamed

1 tub of Crème fresh (Sour Cream can be substituted)

1 Jar of red Caviar

1 bunch of Dill for garnish

1 Lemon

Sea salt flakes




Peel the potatoes and slice them long ways.

Place on a microwave safe plate and cover with glad wrap plastic film. Microwave for 6-7 minutes on high. Remove from the microwave and allow to cool. Cooking the potato this way will ensure they are cooked and don’t fall apart. The starch becomes quite waxy which is perfect for this style of finger food.

Squeeze half the juice of the lemon into the Crème fresh and mix until well combined. Set aside.

Once the potatoes are cooled, arrange on a platter and dollop a teaspoon of Crème fresh onto each potato and top with Caviar. Garnish with sprigs of fresh dill and sprinkle of sea salt. Extra lemon juice can be squeezed just before serving.


Makes 12 canapés