Moonacres Farm

Moonacres Farm

We are delighted to feature “Moonacres Farm” as our October producer.


This month we met with local producer Phil Lavers from Moonacres in Fiztroy Falls. Moonacres is the largest certified organic fruit and vegetable grower in the Southern Highlands. They are doing so much more than  producing incredible quality produce. The Moonacres team are passionate about supporting young vegetable growers offering land on there Fitzroy Falls property to share their knowledge with the view of building a viable local fruit and vegetable growing industry. Phil’s amazing produce is sold into many high end restaurants in Sydney. You can also buy his produce locally at the Moss vale markets. His vision for sustainability is incredible and we look forward to sharing his ongoing process with you as time goes by.

We wanted to share a quote from Moonacres about the importance of being connected to your food and supporting local producers.

Great produce can’t be manufactured. “It needs to be connected to families who are connected to their land and to working their land and who are content to let the land speak in its own voice.”

– Terry Theise (Reading between the wines)


Producer Details

Moonacres Farm  – Certified Organic Producer


Moonacres  – Featured Recipes –‘Silverbeet and kale pie’ and ‘Spiced apple cake’